I am here for you.

As a camp counselor, this was something we told our campers. "We are here for you." We meant it. We made sure the young people we cared for had an experience that they would remember forever. We played, we listened, and we shared time together in meaningful and profound ways. As a furniture maker, I still see myself as someone who can create in ways that impact people's lives. Whether it's a dining table that gathers the extended family for a holiday dinner or a cutting board used to teach your kids how to chop an onion (my little guy is pretty good at cutting warm butter), I am here to help create space for those memories and experiences.

For most of my life I have been making things. It started in my early teens wanting to draw comic books. This turned into a serious love for fine art drawing and painting. That call took me through art school at Syracuse University and led to me teaching at the University for three years. While working at SU, I took on a second job at a local custom cabinet shop that would spark a passion for woodwork. I split my time between the studio and the shop.

Fast forward to now and I am still making beautiful things for people who love art and objects and how they function and hold meaning in their lives. I was extremely fortunate to follow each passion, one leading to the next, and doing so has landed me with an amazing wife, three extraordinary children, and a business of making furniture. 

The path wasn't always clear and at times straight up confusing. As I moved from creating drawings and paintings for clients to designing and building dining tables, I found that working with people and listening to their stories inspired me to make a quality product no matter the material. 

Now based in Newport, Rhode Island, I am still teaching--now at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine--and have set up shop close to our home in town where I hope to see you checking in on your piece being built. Please call or email me to get started on your project.